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Bernd Wolf

Yamosa Coral Necklace - 85612296

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Y-Collier with vibrantly glowing red of Sponge coral and a high-grade Gold plating in premium quality

In its Movena design line, Bernd Wolf has combined a concave surface with the popular mosaic texture to magical effect. Enhanced with the warm glow of 24-carat gold plating, the mosaic texture's irregularly slanted square elements engage in an intriguingly radiant interplay with the wearer's every movement, radiating a sunshine-suffused golden gleam. The center element's sides are gently curved for an even more flattering look.

Surface material: high-grade Gold plating in premium quality
Material: Sponge coral
Raw material: 925 Sterling Silver
Jewelry type: Y-Collier
Clasp: TS-clip

    Jewelry Measurements

    From 39 cm / 15.5 in to 51 cm / 20 in
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