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Sheri Meldrum

Sheri Meldrum is a master in the creation of copper art.  She chooses cooper both for its inherent beauty and the joy she receives in working with this metal.  Copper Wall Sculptures, Copper Weavings and Mixed Media pieces are created for mounting on interior walls.  The variety of colors in her work is the result of years of experimentation with chemicals and their effect upon the copper.  These patinas developed by Sheri are quite unique, and truly sets her work apart from that of other copper artists.  Other variables such as heat, enamel and oils further broaden and intensify her artistic palette.

Each piece of art work is truly unique due to the variety of size, shapes, and colors and can be designed to accommodate any space and desired effect.  Copper artwork created by Sheri may be found nationally and internationally in residences, offices and commercial spaces.  She has received numerous awards for their creative designs featured in art shows across the country. 

Sheri may be found creating artwork in her studio in Cave Creek, Arizona or participating in art shows across the country.  

Please call to inquire about commissioned artwork (928) 282-7130

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