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Shipping Artwork

How fast will my order ship?

Our goal is always to ship orders as fast as we can. Every art shipment requires our in house team to design and build custom form fitting protection layers that are unique for every piece. The speed we can get things out for shipment depends on the overrall sales volume and is highly seasonal. During peak times of the year, we expect ito take 1-2 weeks for artwork to be prepped for shipment and delivered in 3-4 weeks depending on how far away your location is.  

Can I specify a date for artwork to arrive?

Yes. Please contact us with whatever delivery date requirements you may have and we are happy to work with them if it is possible. We have secure storage for artwork if you want to secure it now and have us deliver it later.  

How do you package?

Every piece we ship is very well protected. We inspect the piece heavily prior to shipping, then we build it's own unique protection system that may involve any of the following: plywood crate, double walled carboard rigid foam, soft foam, fabric barriers, floating padding, etc. Each piece is unique and the shipping process will also determine the methods used. We have years of experience in desigining our protection systems.

Shipping Insurance

All shipments are fully insured. For insurance purposes, we must have an adult signature for all artwork deliveries. We can deliver to home or work/commercial locations.  

International Shipping

We ship a lot of work to international locations. The cost varies substantially depending on a lot of factors including location, customs fees, local taxes at delivery location, etc. We are happy to secure a quote for any piece you are interested in and do everything we can to keep costs affordable while at the same time making sure the work is delivered successfully.

What carriers do you use?

We typically use FedEx or UPS for most all artwork shipments. However, there are other methods available that we use from time to time, including local delivery services for Northern Arizona and Phoenix. If you have any concerns or specifications for preferred carriers, let us know and we are happy to make it work if we can.

How do I know the artwork has shipped?

As part of our shipping process, we will email you tracking information for the artwork at the time it is shipped. Feel free to contact us at any time with questions about artwork tracking or shipping information

Changing shipping address

If prior to shipment you want to change the delivery address and/or timeframe, we are happy to do that free of charge. If the artwork has already shipped and you want to change the delivery location, please contact us as soon as possible. Some carriers will not allow a change and some will. You are responsible for any fees from the carrier for changing the delivery address after the item has shipped

Damaged Shipments

It is incredibly rare, but things do happen. If you see a damaged box upon delivery, please make sure and document with the driver at time of delivery. Many times the outer box is heavily damaged but artwork is in perfect condition because our protective packing. If artwork is actually damaged KEEP ALL PACKING MATERIALS. The carrier and/or insurer will want to inspect those materials. Contact us as soon as possible and we will make sure the process for handling the problem is properly handled

Artwork Commissions

Are artwork commissions possible?

Yes, many of our artists are willing and capable of doing commissioned artwork pieces. Whether it is a size issue, color or texture change, a mounting problem, etc. our expert staff will work with you in person or remotely over the web. We will assess what it is your are trying to accomplish, how we can make that happen, and work with the individual artists to ensure you are delighted with the results. Contact us with questions and inquiries and find out the range of things we can do together

What is the art commission process?

Once we have defined the scope and scale of the commissioned artwork, we require payment for the artwork. The artist will then commence creating the work with the parameters we have all supplied. Depending on the parameters, we will supply progress imagery for your approval as defined in our parameters. Often times it is the finished piece only that requires inspection and approval via photos or in person. Once you are happy with that, we ship or deliver the piece to you.

Commission mockups

Yes, in most cases we can create a digital mockup of the piece you are considering having commissioned, it can really help when trying to visualize scale. Please contact us for specifics on how to accomplish this

Do you do large projects?

Yes, we have a ton of resources to draw upon. Whether it is a large home or a commercial space, we have the resources and project management skills to handle complicated art projects from beginning to end. We have a team of in house and external experts we work closely with to handle everything you can imagine with a large art installation. Let us know how we can help!

What happens if I approve the work and then decide I don't like it?

It is incredibly rare, but it can happen that you install a piece in your space and realize that it just doesn't do what you wanted it to for whatever reason. Please contact us and we can discuss options. Sometimes we can have the artist rework the piece further, sometimes we can exchange for another piece, sometimes it's just a matter of having us help you realize the impact with better lighting, installing, etc. Contact us with your concerns and we will work with you to make sure you absolutely love the piece that you have commissioned

Customer Service

Installation questions

Our expert staff is more than happy to help with any installation questions you may have. They have years of experience to draw upon, so if you have any concerns or questions contact us

Installation services

In the local Sedona area we can help install complicated installations. Most of the artwork is very simple to install and with a little instruction you can easily handle it yourself. If outside of the Sedona area, we can work with your preferred installer to make the process easy. Contact use with any questions or concerns

What happens if I damage my artwork?

Please contact us if you have damaged your artwork. Many times we can help mitigate and repair the damage with our team of artists and resources.  


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