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Laurel Peterson Gregory

Laurel Peterson Gregory’s work represents her vision and spirit. And if her recent pieces are any indication, that spirit is a tad whimsical.

“Life is often way too serious. I want my pieces to lift the viewer and take them to a better place for a timeless moment. Nothing makes me happier than seeing someone smile and laugh with my work.”

Laurel is a classically trained sculptor. As a former repeat Director of the board for the La Scuola Classical Sculpture School and juror for the highest-ranking art show in the country, she keeps one eye on the masters of the craft, and the other on the current trends.Her work draws on her love of figurative expression and the freedom of impressionistic interpretation; not to mention her love of animals. Her recent Dancing series, for example, builds on her ability to observe and capture motion in clean lines.

Laurel’s ultimate design goal is to capture complex motions in static 3D lines. Her process begins with careful scrutiny of human motion. Dozens of digital images and sketches later, a single position captures the essence of a particular dance step.

During this process, Laurel also selects and interprets a specific animal to complete the piece. The species she chooses provide just the right complement to give her the lines and emotion she wants. That’s why you might see a bear doing the bump or a cocker spaniel hitching up for a line dance.

After sculpting a piece in wax or oil-based clay, traditional lost-wax casting methods generate the limited-edition bronzes. While monitoring and approving every step of production by her team of master craftsmen, Laurel actively takes a direct role in achieving another hallmark of her work — complex and rich patinas. Multiple layers of chemicals and oxides are applied to the heated bronze to achieve a range of unique effects, both translucent and opaque, that complement each design.

Sculptures can be ordered if edition is still open. Please call for details. (928) 282-7130

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