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Andrew Seiferth

Born in New York in 1980, Andrew Seiferth showed creativity from an early age. He shaped wood at age five and by age seven forged steel with a hammer and anvil. After moving to Scottsdale Arizona in 1988, Seiferth was introduced to Fine Art through exploring the fine art galleries in downtown Scottsdale. These frequent visits ignited a passion to create innovative contemporary art. Seiferth received a bachelor’s degree from Northern Arizona University’s College of Fine Arts with an emphasis in painting in 2002.

In addition to painting, Seiferth learned skills in metal fabrication, physical structure, woodworking and engineering through various apprenticeships and self-study.
Seiferth’s current study involves creating harmony with the energy of the various mediums and contrasting ideas. An environmentalist, Seiferth is also passionate about utilizing reclaimed material with over 90% of a piece reclaimed. This process guarantees that every piece is unique and provides Seiferth the ability to continue to be creative because reclaimed building materials are rarely consistent. Seiferth currently resides in Arizona with his wife Katie, daughter Lucy, and son, Stone.

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