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Karen Kohtz

Kohtz is a contemporary artist whose work encompasses a melody of mediums. Frequently, paint, paper, organic materials such as sand, leaves and twigs are embedded in layers of high gloss varnish in her painting. This technique gives her work a three-dimensional quality, as if the paintings were suspended under water. Kohtz created this process which she calls “sub-surfacing.”

 Unlike realism, which commands the viewer to see a specific thing, abstract art holds a space in a room through an emotional response. The beauty of art in the abstract is the connection between the creative mind and the personal perspective. Natural elements have always been a strong inspiration for Kohtz’s art. Although we all see things differently, together the artist and the viewer refine and complete the painting together through thought, emotion, and imagination.

“As an artist, my objective is to use color, design, texture, and luminosity to evoke a feeling. I consider myself a “stream-of-consciousness” artist. I paint intuitively, with the art flowing through me as an integral part of the creative process.”

Please call to inquire about commissioned artwork (928) 282-7130

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