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Mytchell Mead

Mytchell Mead describes his education as ongoing. He constantly challenges his eye and mind to evolve the way they perceive and relate. He had a traditional apprenticeship, gathering skills from an early age working with his father, a talented metal worker. Those skills combined with a yearning to draw out the overlooked beauty in a mundane material and he began to create sculptures.

Although always an artist at heart, Mead’s formal education culminated with an MBA. Upon graduation he found a job in high tech, which sent him around world. Trips to Japan provided Mead with an appreciation for Eastern thought and art. Europe instilled a classical regiment, and South America brought out the desire to draw in earth and craft elements. Inspiration to create artwork came in the mid 1990’s when he left high tech and opened a bike store in Seattle. His store was located next door to an artist-owned foundry and within a year it became an impromptu gallery for his early works.

In 2000, Mead sold his store and rode his bike around the country, eventually landing in New Mexico where he studied for two years with Argentinean Master Sculptor, Alberto Castagna. In true classic form, Alberto first taught Mead to “see”. He claimed that our eye is calibrated from birth for dimension, proportion, balance and relation by the human form. Regardless of composition, artwork produced by a trained eye will bear the qualities our species naturally gravitates toward.

Mead’s philosophy is that when the artist’s eye and skills are honed, all effort is to become a clear channel for the flow of creativity.

For years Mead worked by word of mouth, creating custom work for individuals and corporations. He now lives and works in John Day, Oregon and shows his work in galleries nationally.

Please call to inquire about commissioned artwork (928) 282-7130

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