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Dave Barkby

Dave Barkby was born in Syracuse, New York in 1964. He moved to Dover, Pennsylvania in 1972 with his family. At the age of twelve, Dave began working with wood, leading to a life-long passion. Following high school, he specialized mostly in custom jobs including kitchens, entertainment centers, stairs, and moldings. Such work brought him into the world of woodturning, where he has consistently taken the art to a higher risk and level.

 Barkby Woods was established in 1991 in Dover, Pennsylvania. Dave is an internationally known artistic woodturner who is best known for his wall sculptures, which range in size from thirty-six to one hundred and twenty inches. Dave makes several trips a year to California to hand pick each and every burl. Over the years, he has become very adept at choosing the best burls to produce the highest quality and unique woodturnings.

 All pieces are one of a kind and Dave is the only turner doing pieces in these large diameter sizes up to ten feet. Shear size, complexities of design, and hazards in turning have deterred other artists from attempting such feats.

 In October of 2000, he was awarded the status of Juried Member in Woodturning at the state level by the Pennsylvania Guild of Craftsman. Dave’s work has been shown in many art galleries and art shows over the years throughout the United States and Europe.


Please call to inquire about commissioned artwork (928) 282-7130

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