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Lyman Whitaker Wind Sculpture FAQs

For additional information or any other questions not covered below, feel free to reach out to our staff at (928) 282-1575 or email us at and we will get back to you quickly. Additionally, during business hours you can click on the chat option on the left hand side of this screen and converse with a member of the team.

How much wind can the sculptures handle?

Lyman has decades of experience designing his pieces to handle a tremendous range of environmental conditions. Each piece is warranted to handle up to 70 mph constant winds and 90 mph gusts. If you have more wind than that, odds are you have bigger problems to worry about! Fortunately, the pieces are designed with protection in mind. When you know a big weather event is going to occur, simply unlock the piece from the ground pin and safely store as part of your property preparation. All but the very largest pieces can be moved with 1-2 people and reinstalled easily

What about snow, ice, or saltwater?

The Copper Wind sculptures will handle Snow, Ice, or Saltwater just fine. The steel rods are made of 316 Stainless Steel and the copper has no issues with those conditions. The Stainless Steel sculptures are made from 304 Stainless Steel which DOES NOT do well in a salt water environment. Snow and Ice are not an issue for the 304 Stainless Steel pieces

How difficult is the installation?

Installation is simple. Every piece comes with instructions and diagrams for how to secure the ground pin. We highly recommend anchoring the ground mounting pin in concrete following the directions. After that, simply put the sculpture onto the shaft, place shaft onto ground pin, and lock everything into place. Trust us, we've installed hundreds, and if we can do it....  

Copper patina explained

At the studio the artist oxidizes the copper to create a varied patina of green and brown surfaces. Unlike rust, the green patina helps protect the piece as well as enhance its visual appeal. The pieces will continue to weather over time and change in appearance due to a wide variety of factors including humidity, dissolved salts in the air, pollution, etc. Over time, the pieces will look similar to other exposed copper in your area

Which is better, Copper or Stainless Steel?

Trying to decide between the Copper and Stainless Steel is primarily an aesthetic question. The Copper goes well everywhere, day and night when lit for evening hours. The Stainless Steel REALLY pops with contemporary architecture and settings and shines very brightly in sunlight.

The other thing you can do with Stainless Steel sculptures is play around with colored LED lighting systems to give them a different scene setting during evening hours.

From a durability standpoint, the only key difference is that the Stainless Steel sculptures are constructed primarily from Type 304 Stainless Steel which is NOT salt water resistant. The Copper sculptures have 316 Stainless Steel arms which IS salt water environment tolerant.

If you aren't by the ocean, then it's purely a question of looks when deciding between which type to install.

Measurements for different size options

Extension Poles

I can't decide, now what?

Our staff has helped thousands of clients with the decision process. It's a huge reason why we are here and happy to help. You can call us at (928) 282-1575 or email us at Additionally, during business hours you can click on the chat option on the left hand side of this screen and converse with a member of the team.

Will you do a mockup image for me?

Yes! We can digitally place a wind sculpture or a series of wind sculptures into a site photo provided by you. When struggling with sizes, shapes, arrangements, etc. a photo mockup can really help. Contact us with any of the methods above and we are happy to help


The bearings Lyman has chosen to use over the years are incredlibly resilient. They are sealed bearings that require no oiling or any other maintenance.  


Although the wind sculptures are incredibly well made and durable, sometimes things can still go wrong. We will be happy to help you with any problem as well as make the warranty process easy if you ever need to make use of it.

'The Whitaker Studio has the following warranty policy:

For up to 3 years from date of purchase, they guarantee the pieces in full and will bear all costs associated with repair. This includes any shipping costs from and to your location, materials and labor regardless of where or who performs the repair. If repairs are to be done onsite you must first contact and recieve approval from the studio to be reimbursed for those efforts.  

3-5 years from date of purchase The Whitaker Studio will guarantee it's work with the exception of shipping costs. The studio bears the costs related to labor and materials for the repair. You bear the costs of getting the artwork to the studio and return after repair.

5 years and beyond The Whitaker Studio will repair their work but you are responsible for the shipping costs plus labor and material costs for the repair. The fee for labor and material will be determined and communicated by the studio prior to work being done.



How do we package for shipping?

Freight shipment requirements

When large pieces ship via freight it is important to know that the freight companies will only deliver curbside with standard delivery. They will not move pieces along long driveways, up stairs, across lawns, etc. If you need that sort of help, please contact us with any of the methods above and we are happy to help ensure that the freight company is set to handle those issues. Usually there will be additional fees for those services


Changing delivery address

We get it, plans change. If your sculpture has already shipped and you need to change where it is delivered to, we can usually redirect the shipment. However, there will be additional costs to do that. As soon as you know of a change of plans, contact us with any of the methods above and we can try to make it happen



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