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“My work is a reflection of who I am. I work in a spontaneous manner until I have built up a surface on a support by texturing, layering papers, and painting.  Often repeating this process many times.  As the work develops, it becomes more important to me than the satisfaction I feel with the final image.”

 In Jan's more than thirty years as an art instructor and professional painter, she continues her exploring and experimentation with various mediums.  Her accomplishments in the art arena are numerous, including, working in commercial art, teaching in public schools, and teaching international workshops.  Her studies include classes at Kansas City Art Institute (Kansas City, Missouri), a B.A. degree at Western State College (Gunnison, Colorado), and ongoing workshops and seminars in the arts. Jan's focus is on layered and experimental art.

Please call to inquire about commissioned artwork (928) 282-7130

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