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Dan McCabe


Dan McCabe was born in El Paso, Texas in 1964. At the age of 19, Dan was hired as an apprentice in one of the first fine art bronze foundries in Sedona, Arizona. For the next 20 years, Dan mastered all the facets of the lost wax casting and the precision fabrication needed to produce a bronze sculpture. Here Dan acquired the education, expertise and passion for metalworking.

"As a young child with a profound hearing loss, my remaining senses were heightened. Seeing, smelling, and touching were my basis for reality, I always felt there was more to the world, a part hidden, a secret, a mystery. My work begs to be touched, explored and discovered. There is more than the eye can see."


Metal is my material. Challenging me as an artist and craftsman, I strive to transform this medium into pieces that are beautiful, lacy, precise, polished, and modern while playing with its inherent industrial nature.

In my work, I create and then juxtapose textures, shapes and lines. Organic form vs. modern lines and bronze vs. steel are my yin and yang. Though seemingly opposite, these contrasting elements have many similarities and allow for stylistically innovative pieces that embody movement and light.

My most recent creations explore how nature adapts in the man-made world. Along with my entire body of work, they are my testament to the ultimate inspiration I feel when working with this extraordinary material. I am honored to be part of a long tradition of artists who have found a passion, through the heat, acrid smoke, grinding and brute force necessary, to be a metalsmith.


Please call to inquire about commissioned artwork (928) 282-7130



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