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William Henry

Monarch Crimson Ridge Limited Edition Knife - B05 CRIMSON RIDGE




Monarch Collection, B05 CRIMSON RIDGE - Edition of 100

Hand-forged damascus frame, inlaid with stabilized Blue Spruce Pinecone. Damascus blade with an extra-strong ZDP-189 core, Blazing Red Topaz gemstones.

Features & Specs
One-hand button lock system
Shipped in an elegant wood presentation box
Pocket clipcase made from soft, high-grade leather, with an integrated stainless steel pocket clip


The Monarch ‘Crimson Ridge' features a beautiful frame in hand-forged 'Brainwave' damascus by Chad Nichols, inlaid with stabilized Blue Spruce Pinecone. The blade is 'Wave' damascus steel with a core in extra-strong ZDP-189 steel; the one-hand button lock and the thumb stud are set with Blazing Red topaz gemstones. 

The Monarch is a simple design that is easy on the eye and effortless in the hand; the elegant shape of the handle on this design is also an ideal canvas to showcase our exotic materials. The ‘Crimson Ridge' is the beautiful balance between elegance, function, modern and exotic materials.


Blade 2.63" (66.8mm)
Handle 3.58" (90.9mm)
Overall open 6.00" (152.4mm)