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Monarch Blue Cone Limited Edition Knife - B05 BLUE CONE

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***This is a stock photo that is representative of the style but is not the actual piece. All knives are one-of-a-kind so the one that you will receive, although made from the same materials, will have its own unique color and patterning.

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Monarch Collection, B05 BLUE FLAME - Edition of 100

Aerospace-grade titanium frame inlaid with blue Blue Spruce Pinecone. Hand-forged damascus blade with a VG-10 core, Kashmir blue topaz gemstones.

Features & Specs
One-hand button lock system
Leather carrying case
Shipped in an elegant wood presentation box


The Monarch ‘Blue Cone' features a beautiful frame in aerospace grade Titanium, inlaid with stabilized Blue Spruce Pinecone. The blade is 'Wave' damascus with VG-10 core; the one-hand button lock and the thumb stud are set with Kashmir blue topaz.

The Monarch is a simple design that is easy on the eye and effortless in the hand; the elegant shape of the handle on this design is also an ideal canvas to showcase our exotic materials. The 'Blue Cone' is the beautiful balance between elegance, function, modern, and exotic materials.


Blade 2.63" (66.8mm)
Handle 3.58" (90.9mm)
Overall open 6.00" (152.4mm)


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