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Letri Pin Earrings - 19957506

Bernd Wolf

Letri Pin Earrings - 19957506


$ 109.00


Ear stud with 925 Sterling Silver and a high-grade Gold plating in premium quality

Featuring vibrantly multifaceted blossom arrangements, Bernd Wolf's floral Flowertimes design line comprises delightfully enchanting creations. Designed by Yvonne Wolf, the trifoliate blossoms constitute exceptionally appealing jewelry elements. The individual blossoms, including their stylized stamens, have been arranged with meticulous attention to detail to form perfectly harmonious entities.

Clasp: clasp
Raw material: 925 Sterling Silver
Measures: See below
Jewelry type: Ear stud
Material: Gold
Surface material: high-grade Gold plating in premium quality

    Jewelry Measurements

    Diameter: 0.43 in / 1.1 cm