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William Henry

Kultro Flare w/Walnut Steak Set - K22S-W

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***This is a stock photo that is representative of the style but is not the actual piece. All knives are one-of-a-kind so the oneS that you will receive, although made from the same materials, will have their own unique color and patterning.


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Kultro Gourmet Steak Collection EBONY- K22S-W

The new Kultro ‘Flare’ steak knife set is a stunning addition to our William Henry cutlery line. It features 6 blades crafted from our Rainbow Damascus– 34 layers of stainless steel, copper, and brass with a Japanese Hitachi Blue Steel core. These exquisite blades are finished with beautiful Cocobolo handles and black lip pearl accents, and come complete with your choice of display rack. For safe transport, they arrive in a sturdy leather knife roll. Like all William Henry creations, this set of steak knives is sure to inspire curiosity and elevate simple tasks into an act of ceremony. Enjoy your time!

Features & Specs

The Kultro Gourmet Series pays homage to the extraordinary Japanese tradition of fine cutlery, but with distinct choices that could only be William Henry. Six beautiful steak knives finely crafted from forged stainless damascus steel, featuring 76 layers of 316 stainless supporting a core of 10Cr15V, an edge steel that is vacuum heat treated and tempered to an optimal hardness of HRC 60 for sharpness, wear resistance, and superior performance.

Elegant, balanced, comfortable, and lightweight, these knives are in a class all their own, and the lovely American Black Walnut display creates a striking centerpiece in any kitchen. Knife set is shipped in its own professional-grade leather roll with protective blade covers, and display is fully assembled and ready to use.


One of the true tropical rosewoods, Cocobolo is a very beautiful wood, ranging from a beautiful rich dark brick red, to reddish or dark brown, with a figuring of darker irregular traces weaving through the wood. It is fine textured and oily in look and feel. Our premium Cocobolo is sourced responsibly from Mexico and Central America.



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