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William Henry

Bolt II Honeycomb Pen - BA2 HONEYCOMB




Bolt II Collection, BA2 HONEYCOMB

Stainless Steel, black and white ebony wood, smoky quartz

A sleek and elegant pen that writes beautifully, carries comfortably, and catches the eye. The 'Honeycomb' features our bolt action mechanism, inspired by bolt action rifles, which locks open and spring releases closed – and yes, it’s a lot of fun to play with. Barrel is crafted from aluminum 'honeycomb' in acrylic, and trim accents are all in stainless steel. Both the thumbstud (on the bolt action system) and the top of the pen are inlaid with citrine gemstones. Modern mechanics, clean lines and timeless craftsmanship.

Features & Specs:
Bolt action mechanism

Frame: Stainless steel


Length: 5.5"