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Bernd Wolf

Aquinso Coral Necklace - 84124296

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Collier with vibrantly glowing red of Sponge coral and a high-grade Gold plating in premium quality

Clasp: TS-clip
Raw material: 925 Sterling Silver
Jewelry type: Collier
Material: Sponge coral
Surface material: high-grade Gold plating in premium quality
This piece of jewelry features a special, easy-to-handle slide-lock clasp, which enables you to securely fasten its two ends to one another by simply plugging them together. A soft click indicates that the clasp has engaged properly. The clasp can be unlocked again by gently pressing the button.

    Jewelry Measurements

    From 39 cm / 15.5 in to 51 cm / 20 in
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    Height: 0.4 cm / 0.15 in
    Width: 0.25 cm / 0.09 in


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