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Marahlago Larimar

Liquido Ring - Rliqu00-00

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A rounded center of larimar shines from a simply elegant liquidy sterling silver band. Soft, clean, and polished. It’s a hit!

Product Details: larimar gemstone and sterling silver.

Every piece of larimar contains slightly different hues, color saturations, and markings that give it its unique and compelling qualities. As a result, the larimar in your jewelry may appear slightly different from the larimar depicted online. If you are trying to match the stone color on an existing larimar jewelry piece, get in touch with us.

Jewelry Measurements

Profile Height: 0.28 in / 0.70 cm

Width of Band: 0.08 in / 0.20 cm

Diameter of Centerpiece: 0.39 in / 1.00 cm

Larimar gemstone: 0.31 in / 0.8 cm


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