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John Hardy

Legends Naga Hammered Dark Silver & Blue Sapphire Reticulated Dragon Bracelet - BMS60295BSP

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Balinese for “Dragon,” Naga is a legendary symbol of love, protection and prosperity.

Inspired by the Southeast Asian myth, Naga is a serpentine dragon who guards the people of Bali. He sits atop a volcano by day, fiercely protecting his people and the land. Each night, he dives into the ocean to visit his true love, the Pearl. Come morning, as he flies back to his volcano, he nourishes the earth with water from his scales.

Our Naga design embodies the coexistence of strength and softness, reflected in the natural world, and within each of us.

Style No.: BMS60295BSP
Metal: Sterling Silver
Gauge: 15MM
Setting: Bezel
Closure: Puller Clasp

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