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William Henry

Epic Limited Edition Cigar Cutter - CG1 EPIC


***This is a stock photo that is representative of the style but is not the actual piece. All knives are one-of-a-kind so the one that you will receive, although made from the same materials, will have its own unique color and patterning.

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Cigar Cutter - CG1 EPIC- Edition of 500

Titanium frame inlaid with fossilized wooly mammoth tooth. 'Boomerang' damascus blade, smoky quartz gemstones.

Features & Specs
One-hand button lock system
Leather carrying case
Shipped in an elegant wood presentation box


The Epic is truly epic, without equal in the world of exotic cigar cutters. The thru-hole in the titanium frame will accommodate up to a 52 gauge cigar, and the single-sided precision-ground damascus blade cuts cleanly thru your preferred smoke.

The damascus is our stainless 'Boomerang' pattern by Chad Nichols featuring three alloys forged together into a tapestry in steel with an optimum hardness of HRC 59 for wear resistance. Inlayed fossil wooly mammoth tooth is hand-polished to a fine luster, and citrine gemstones, copper, stainless, and sterling hardware complete the presentation.

This piece works beautifully as a cigar cutter and general-purpose pocket knife!


Blade 2.75" (69.9mm)
Handle 3.75" (95.3mm)
Overall open 6.50" (165.1mm)

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