Take a Tour of Our Gallery
We have created a video tour of one of our galleries so you can tour our art collection in the gallery
environment. 2-D web images are great, but nothing beats seeing a piece of artwork hanging
on a wall from different perspectives with natural lighting and space at play.
Take a look, it will definitely enhance your gallery web experience. Click on a link below,
and take a walk through our gallery.
VUE Gallery in Sedona presents:

Lyman Whitaker's Wind Sculptures™!
C  O  N  T  E  M  P  O  R  A  R  Y     F  I  N  E     A  R  T
S  E  D  O  N  A ,     A  R  I  Z  O  N  A
- 3 Locations in Arizona -
W E L C O M E!
Now Open!
Vue Gallery in Sedona