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William Henry

Men's Bishop Bracelet - BR1L DB RB



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Bishop Bracelet - BR1L DB RB

Sterling silver bracelet inlaid with fossil dinosaur bone.

A gorgeous mid-size bracelet that features multiple sterling links inlaid with fossil dinosaur bone. The bone comes from an apatosaurus that walked the American west 100 million years ago. The 'Bishop' closes with our piston clasp inlaid with a genuine citrine gemstone. This piece, and the fossils it reveals, offers the rare chance to build our shared history into your own legacy.

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​​​​​​Length: From Small (6 1/8 - 6 5/8) to 2X Large (8 5/8 - 9 1/8)
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Width: 0.62 in / 1.58 cm


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