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Mamba Black Drop Necklace

Belle Etoile

Mamba Black Drop Necklace


$ 995.00


Mamba Black Drop Necklace, 05061020301

Width: 3.59 cm / 1.41 in
Height: 6.0 cm  / 2.36 in

Sexy and sleek, Mamba by Belle Etoile features coils of sterling silver seductively intertwined with serpentine swirls of stones and free-form Italian resin. Inspired by the dangerously beautiful snake and dance of the same name, Mamba accentuates the allure of the feminine, at once beckoning and beguiling. In the world of fashion, nothing moves like Mamba. Free-form sculpted black Italian resin with white stones set into rhodium-plated, nickel allergy-free, 925 sterling silver.