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Marlene Barnes

Marlene Barnes is a third generation artist born and raised in Arizona. She works out of her home studio with her Boston Terrier right by my feet. There are also two men in her life who help keep life balanced; her supportive husband and son. Barnes' art career started in 2001 when she promised herself that she would put all her efforts into creating and marketing her artwork and never look back. 

Her medium of choice is acrylic paint on canvas. She also likes to experiment with different texture mediums to add dimension to the canvas.  Every painting has a life of its own, and she doesn't always know exactly how each painting will turn out, but they always have a way of telling her which direction to go and when they are complete. Every painting is unique and one of a kind, they are each a small expression of Marlene. Creating art enriches her life and she loves sharing it with you.

Please call to inquire about commissioned artwork (928) 282-7130

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